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Twenty-Eigth Annual David (Sandy) Dolowitz Utah AAML Seminar


Utah Fellows, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
and the Family Law Section of the Utah State Bar

Twenty-Eighth Annual
David (“Sandy”) Dolowitz Utah AAML Seminar
645 South, 200 East, Salt Lake City, Utah

6 CLE Credit Hours

Friday, December 6, 2019

8:00-8:45    Registration and Breakfast

Master of Ceremonies – Sally McMinimee

8:45-10:45 The 2017 Tax Act: How it Affects Your Law Practice and How You Practice Law Donna Pironti, CPA, MSA, CFF and Michelle Piscopo, Esq.


UT AAML 2019 Presentation Handouts - Pironti

UT AAML 2019 Tax Seminar for Family Lawyers - Pironti

10:45-11:00                 Break

11:00-12:15 Immigration Law Panel: Essential Information for Family Lawyers Brittney Nystrom, Esq. from the ACLU; Kate Barber, Esq. from Immigrant Legal Services, Alyssa Williams, Esq. from Catholic Community Services, and Dara Cohen, Esq.




Know-Your-Immigration-Options-and-Risks - Alyssa Williams

presentation june 2019 - Alyssa Williams

12:15-1:30    Working Lunch – An Introduction to Collaborative Law Anne Cameron, Lauren Barros, John Sheaffer

Collaborative Law Fact Pattern

Collaborative Law Participation Agreement

Utah Uniform Collaborative Law Act

Divorce - Collaborative vs. Litigation

1:30-2:30   Understanding Transgender Issues in Family Law Danielle Hawkes, Esq.

Understanding Transgender Issues - AAML

2:30-2:45                     Break

2:45-3:45    A View from the Bench:  Judges Panel featuring Judge Richard Mrazik, Judge Kent R. Holmberg, Judge Angela F. Fonnesbeck, and Commissioner Russell Minas

1-Gardner v. Gardner20191015_20170598_61

2-Ross v. Ross


4-Armendariz v. Armendariz

5-2020 Draft Legislation - Divorce Amendments




2019 Annual Family law Seminar Materials


  1. Night Shifts
  2. Keynote: Dr. Richard A. Warshack
    1. Night Shifts
    2. Reclaiming Parent-Child Relatioinships
    3. Representing Clients Accused of PA Behavior

      Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Model Standards of Practice for Child Custody Evaluation.

      American Psychological Association Guidelines for Child Custody Evaluations in Family Law Proceedings (2010).

      American Psychological Association, Specialty Guidelines For Forensic Psychology.

      American Psychological Association Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct.

  3. Legislative Rules & Case Law Updates
    1. 2019 Case Review
  4. Alimony Panel Discussion

  5. Ethical Considerations Panel Discussion

    Ethical Considerations for Family Lawyers

    FLS Moderator's Outline

  6. Best Practices Panel Discussion


2018 Annual Family law Seminar Materials


  1. Domestic Process Improvement Panel
  2. Legislative and Case Law Update house bills
  3. Legislative and Case Law Update
  4. Tax Cut and Job Act of 2017
  5. What a Family Law Attorney Should Know About the New Tax Laws
  6. The Rejected Parent & the Favored Parent
  7. Estate Planning Issues in Divorce
  8. Judge Panel on Professionalism and Civility


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CLE Family Law Novices

CLE Luncheon 6/27/14

CLE Luncheon 6/27/14
Avoiding Financial Pitfalls on Motions for Temporary Orders

CLE Luncheon 3/28/14

CLE Luncheon 5/17/13

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